How do we get started?

First we'll clarify what you want to achieve from a fitness program and what you expect from personal training. If we agree we're a good fit, we'll get on track after a health screening and goal setting session.

Where we train is dependent on your facility access, your athletic requirements and your goals. Training may occur at your home or condominium facility, a semi private facility, or at a completely private studio. You may even choose to be outdoors.

Are you purchasing equipment for a home gym?

Let me help you design what is possible to maximize your space with quality equipment and versatile options.

Don't like public fitness facilities?

There are always options. I have access to private studios in Toronto if you want the benefits of a club without the crowds. We can work out of your home with exercise equipment that you may choose to purchase. You may be surprised at what is possible in your own home with minimal equipment and minimal investment.