How can Coaching help Diabetes Management?

Coaching can help you take charge of your diabetes, get a grip on managing a healthy lifestyle and empower you to strive for results and excellence in all areas of your life. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be disturbing and stressful. It may require some unwelcome lifestyle changes and a wake-up call that your health is at risk. If you are not ready and willing to make changes, diabetes will seriously impact your future. It's challenging to break old habits. Some people truly don't want to change, but realize that they need additional support and a source of accountability to be in optimum control.

For those who have had diabetes for years and are not effectively keeping their blood sugars under control, coaching can be the vehicle to help get a handle on managing their life and health. Some people are motivated to change for fear of deteriorating health. Others live in denial that diabetes is serious or that complications will ever affect them. Getting a realistic grip on the seriousness of the disease and taking the necessary steps to prevent complications can empower you and keep you on track toward a healthy and vibrant future. Coaching provides the accountability and support to keep you aligned with your future vision.

Having diabetes requires support and understanding from others but sometimes it is not available. It can be difficult for all of us to manage amongst groups of people when the temptation of food and inactivity are ever present.

Diabetes impacts all areas of life, and the better it is managed, the more freedom you have. Managing diabetes means you must take responsibility for your actions and deal with the consequences. This requires putting yourself first, which is something many people find difficult to do. It can mean re-balancing your life and your priorities. Coaching is renowned for its ability to provide the means to life balance. Coaching is all about you. It is about creating the life you want for yourself, not about letting life happen to you. Coaching helps you uncover your strengths and your capacity for growth and continuous improvement so you can live with purposeful direction, according to your potential.

Professional Coaching can help:

  • If you struggle to take your diabetes seriously.
  • If you can't prioritize your health and the actions required to improve it.
  • If you want to keep on track for a healthy future.
  • If you think your household is not supportive of making healthy changes.

Coaching keeps you focused on what really matters to you. It helps you to find your life purpose, what fulfills you, and what inspires you to live it. It ensures that your present actions have a future focus. And with diabetes, that is critical.