Personal Bio

I draw from three lines of work to inspire my clients to master the ability to live a healthy life. Being a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Exercise Physiologist and a Professional Coach, my intention is to impart enough information and passion to my clients to create a lasting change in their health habits, mind-sets and physiques. I want to advance the health of those who choose to work with me, and have them experience a higher quality of life with increased energy and fulfillment. Although many people choose to exercise with the foremost desire to look better, I prefer to think of looking better as a significant side benefit to a serious commitment to health.

My interest in fitness began at age 13 when I began cross country running. I never excelled at running, but I felt fantastic when I trained. At the same time I became interested in natural foods and preventive medicine as a result of my mother's guidance. My respect for exercise never diminished, and my positive attitude toward health has remained.

At age 16 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent). I quickly began to develop a philosophy for my life and a responsibility for my health. When admitted to the hospital to manage my blood sugar levels and learn to inject insulin, I was not permitted to go outside for a run. I knew that exercise would impact my blood sugar levels so I convinced the nurses to allow me to climb the hospital stairwells. Thus I began my life as a diabetic with the belief and commitment that diabetes would not hinder my life. Six months later, I had a lake-diving injury and fractured my neck. I wore a halo neck brace for several months and was fortunate that my spinal cord was not damaged. This incident reinforced my philosophy for life, wellness and respect for the body. To remain active, I began stationary cycling while wearing the halo vest.

In 1988 I began working in the fitness industry, with the bulk of my experience revolving around the management of private corporate fitness facilities. My own fitness training over the years has included running, swimming, cycling and weight training. I spent many years rowing competitively and completed several short triathlons. I played squash, racquetball, tennis and practiced yoga. My passion for the outdoors led me to skiing and rock-climbing and eventually to adventure travel. As a result of this passion, I've toured by bicycle in four continents and trekked in various countries. I cycled alone for six months in Europe, camping and guiding myself throughout the journey. I love travel that is physically challenging and requires intense training preparation. Diabetes was never a hindrance.

In 1995, a herniated lumbar disc and a subsequent need for back surgery altered my personal experience of wellness. I had a shift in attitude and a new respect for my physical limitation. This injury renewed my perspective and desire for preserving my health, and those of my clients. Managing it reinforced the importance of flexibility and muscle balance and function. I became even more dedicated to the principles of safe and effective training.

In 2001 I worked at an international school in Thailand. As a Physical Education Teacher, I was able to make a difference in the students' awareness of their health. By implementing standards of assessment and challenging students to set goals and understand training principles, I was able to impact the fitness levels of my high school students. This was one of my most rewarding experiences. Positively influencing teens who were on the verge of smoking and becoming fixated with fast food was a challenge. Coupled with their attraction to computer games and a limited knowledge about nutrition, teaching these teens was an opportunity I relished. The impact of this physical training and health awareness was particularly effective in increasing the self esteem and sports performance in many of my female students.

My business as Personal Trainer and Professional Coach came when I realized I wanted to have a larger and more sustainable impact on individuals. I had always been intrigued by the concept of motivation and the reasons why some people could change and get results while others seemed to be on a continual roller coaster of achievement. I've met hundreds of people over the years in the fitness industry that have not followed through with their fitness goals or their intentions to change their lifestyles. This is where I wanted to make a difference. Coaching was the answer. And coaching was critical to help those struggling with managing diabetes.

In 2004, my personal experience as a client of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist resulted in a significant drop in my insulin requirements. This led to my enormous dedication to the promotion of the healing benefits of natural foods. I needed to apply this information to the masses. If changing my diet affected me to such a degree, I imagined what might be possible for Type 2 diabetics who still produce insulin. Becoming an RHN provided the integrity I required to deliver effective, quality nutrition advice to my clients, based on their individual needs. Experience has proven that personal training along with nutrition yields much higher results than either discipline on its own.

Currently I work with clients of many ages and experience levels. I have a keen interest in working with diabetics (and non-diabetics) with the intention of promoting exercise, encouraging optimal food choices and maintaining healthy lifestyles and attitudes. Because of my personal attraction to the outdoors and to adventure travel, I am also very motivated to work with individuals who are preparing for active adventure travel.