What is an RHN?

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist is a professional educated in the field of Natural Nutrition. RHNs inform you about the health benefits of natural foods and allow you to experience how optimal nutrition affects your overall wellbeing. An RHN works with you to design a nutritional strategy to enhance your health and work toward achieving your personal goals.

RHNs help you to choose food wisely, which is particularly valuable in today's media dominated world. Food industries influence our exposure to products through advertising, which is often misleading and may impact our belief in what is healthy.

Services include providing specific food suggestions, individualized eating plans, lifestyle modifications, supplement suggestions, educational resources and one-on-one learning opportunities. RHN's perform an in depth assessment and interview of your current symptoms, state of digestion and your typical lifestyle behaviours. They make recommendations to assist you in living a healthier and more energetic life.
Natural Nutrition supports the use of good quality foods that are whole and alive. It's about eating to enhance health while creating flavourful meals for your particular needs. RHNs encourage the use of healthy alternatives to processed and packaged foods and discourage toxic lifestyle choices.

RHN's consider the aspects of the mind, body and spirit when discussing the connection between food and health, as well as our relationship with the world and the ecology of the earth.