Adventure Travel

Are you prepared for your adventure vacation?
What does it take to complete the challenge?
Do you have the stamina?
How will you fare if you get off track?

Whether you are trekking, kayaking, cycling, skiing or riding animals don't let a de-conditioned body get in the way of a fantastic adventure. Even if you are already fit, a new active adventure can place intense and unexpected demands on your body. Being in pain, less capable or just uncomfortable will impact your adventure and even affect social and group dynamics.

Adventure Travel with Type 1 diabetes requires serious preparation and foresight. If you are new to travel with diabetes, let me help you experience your adrenalin filled adventure safely, without limitations.

If you've said yes to an excursion and have any apprehensions, I'll prepare you for your adventure. If you've encouraged your less active spouse or friend to join you, they need some serious conditioning, contact me to discover how training can make everyone's travel experience more enjoyable.