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Presentations and workshops


Presentations and Workshops

Customized Presentations Available 

Nutrition (e.g.)
                     Getting Lean
                     Cooking for One

Life Coaching
Stress Management
Managing Diabetes
Lifestyle Change

Specialty Programs

A Weekend Storm
We cook up a storm together in your kitchen on one weekend. For those who are in need of assistance with healthy ideas and efficient methods of cooking and using food wisely. Great for busy professionals, those who tend to throw out rotting food and who want quality food for the upcoming weeks. This program begins with a personal nutritional assessment and is tailored to your nutritional needs.

Change my World
This program allows you to spend 12 focussed weeks with Jill to manage your whole health. It combines regular personal training sessions and weekly professional coaching appointments with nutritional guidelines and food preparation. The scope of services in this program is catered to your needs, schedule and availability. This program begins with an assessment of your nutrition, lifestyle and exercise regime and is designed to address your needs and long term goals.

Get a Grip on Diabetes
Master the art of managing a healthy lifestyle and attitude with diabetes. This small group interactive program incorporates principles of nutrition, motivation, exercise, and life coaching. This program aims to raise the bar on what is possible with diabetes. Break your sabotaging patterns and maintain a desire for an energetic healthy lifestyle with diabetes.